PyCircPL - Python Logic Circuit Programming Language

Installing the PyCircPL package

Loading the PyCircPL package


Example 1: Simulating the circuit FOO

Here is a more sophisticated example for Pyhton programmers for generating the Truth Table of FOO. That is, all possible outputs.

Example 2: Simulating the circuit FRED

Example 3: The circuit HAM

Example 4: Simulating 1-bits counter circuit

Example 5: Simulating a 4x1 Multiplexer

Example 6: Simulating a 8x1 Multiplexer circuit

3-bits Adder Design

This result should be of course interpreted as follows

cout=0, y2=0, y1=1, y=0

which is the correct result 10.

ADDER9 - 9-bits Adder Design

Advanced Topics -- To be Continued ...