Fourier Series and Integral Transforms

Fourier Series and Integral Transforms

Allan Pinkus
Samy Zafrany

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Published by the Cambridge University Press .

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Textbook for an upper division undergraduate and introductory graduate level course intended for a basic understanding of Fourier series, Fourier transforms, and Laplace transforms.

Fourier series (and power series) are important examples of useful series of functions. Applications of Fourier series may be found in many diverse theoretical and applied areas. The same holds for integral transforms. The Fourier and Laplace transforms are the best known of these transforms and are prototypes of the general integral transforms.

This book was originally prepared, in Hebrew, for the course "Fourier Series and Integral Transformations" given by the Department of Mathematics at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. This course is intended for students of the Department of Electrical Engineering, but also includes students of the Physics and Computer Science Departments. It is a one semester course (14 weeks), given during the third semester of studies, with two hours of lectures and a one hour problem session each week. The material presented in this book is an expanded, and hopefully polished, version of the notes for this course.