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Engineering Design Projects in EDA and VLSI

Samy Zafrany
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department

Engineerin Design at EDA and VLSI
EDA - Electronic Design Automation. VLSI - Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits

Engineering Design Project Proposals

Here are a few proposals for Engineering Design projects which I have submitted since last year.
  1. VLSI Floorplan Optimization with Shelf and Level Algorithms [PDF]
  3. VLSI Routing Flow on Topological Patterns [PDF]
  4. Visual Scriptable CPU Emulator [PDF]
  5. Cutting, Packing and VLSI Layout
    This is a project by Christine L Mumford and Pearl Y Wang from the Cardiff School of Computer Science. It is a good example of the type of projects I expect students to come with.

Project Topics

Following is a list of topics in which I may be able to mentor final Engineering projects.
  1. Floorplanning modelling and design
  2. Cell Placement
  3. Maze routing
  4. Physical interconnect modelling
  5. Global routing
  6. Network Partitioning
  7. Detailed routing: full-chip routing and channel routing
  8. Specialized routing: clock routing, power routing
  9. Post-layout Optimizations
  10. Floorplanning packing and compaction
  11. Algorithms: divide and conquer, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms
All projects involve a considerable amount of programming and software usage. Programming and software will be a major and critical aspect of your Engineering design project!

Course Materials and Tutorials

  1. Physical Design for Nanometer ICs, Spring 2013
  2. EE 382V VLSI Physical Design Automation (Spring 2011)
  3. EE 201A/EE201B - Modeling and Optimization for VLSI Layout
  4. Introduction to VLSI/SoC Physical Design Automation
    (You have to change to courses frame to get to this course)
  5. Video Course: VLSI EDA - Logic to Layout
  6. Eight lectures on ECAD: Introductorary course on Electronic Computer-Aided Design

More Links to Floorplanning and Routing (Physical Design) web sites

Click on the image to get to an interesting web site ...
  1. Cadence place and route SoC Encounter
  2. Cadence place and route SoC Encounter - Tutorial